Why I Am Anti-Abortion

I’ve come to believe that a society that says it is okay to snuff the life from developing humans in the womb will come to see all human life as less valuable. Over time, this will contribute to portions of society tolerating and/or justifying violence against others.

A society that seeks safety and happiness for all must promote the value of life by ensuring and protecting the rights of all humans.

Although religious views will influence how people feel about abortion, I don’t think this should be viewed as a religious issue. My opposition to abortion is pragmatic and concerned with fostering greater empathy and creating an environment where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will flourish.
While my argument can be seen as pro-life, I’m hesitant to make it all-inclusive. Questions such as “Should exceptions be allowed in cases of rape or incest?” and “Should the terminally ill be able to end their lives?” are complex and not something I have answers for.

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